My son’s friend’s feet stink!

July 3, 2006 at 4:48 am 1 comment

So I was staying overnight with the parent’s of a friend when I was on a trip a while back. Unfortunately, I inherited some of the worst parts of my father – mainly foot stank. So, I was at their house in the evening after a long day of being trapped in my shoes. I slipped my shoes off and placed them next to the desk in the bedroom they were letting me stay in. After about 30 minutes or so, I was sitting at the desk on my laptop and the friend’s father comes in to get something off of their computer or something. After a few minutes of standing there, his nose wrinkles up and he asks “What is that smell?”. Embarrased, I told him of my foot problem and how I have been fighting it for a long time and never found a solution.

So after I left there, I thought it was over. But no! A few months later, that friend’s parents come to visit him in a nearby town and I came over to socialize. His dad pulls me aside and says “Hey a buddy told me about a way to get rid of your foot smell.” I about crapped my pants. He tells me about the solution of soaking my feet in Vodka. I couldn’t believe it. Not only did the guy remember that I had a problem with this, but he even went so far as to seek out a solution to the problem! I talked to my friend after his dad left and we laughed and laughed. I could just imagine his dad, going door to door around the neighborhood. “Hi. My son’s friend’s feet stink. Do you have any ideas?”.


P.S. I found a solution. No more stinky feet. Please don’t bother to comment. 🙂


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